Whether you're moving into a new home or simply breathing a breath of fresh air into your own four walls – giving your walls a fresh lick of paintvarnishing furniture, and other painting work on DIY projects have one thing in common: You need plenty of time and the right kit. With a paint sprayer from Einhell, you can make painting and varnishing much easier! Tedious priming in hard-to-reach areas and time-consuming cleaning of rollers and brushes are a thing of the past with the paint spray systems. Working close to the ground and painting overhead are a piece of cake with the practical sprayers. You can spray on paintvarnish and glaze quicklyevenly and cleanly using as little material as possible – and it's also kind to your back, neck and shoulders. It couldn't be easier to add some colour to your life!

The different paint spray systems from Einhell

Paint spray systems for different materials

Different materials have different viscosities – for example, all Einhell paint spray systems are suitable for evenly spraying liquid disinfectant with low viscosity, so can be used to disinfect surfaces such as tables, sanitary facilities or handrails over large areas. All Einhell paint sprayers are also suitable for water-soluble and solvent-based paintsvarnisheswood preservatives and oils.

However, if you want to spray thicker wall paint indoors, you should opt for the TC-SY 600 S or TC-SY 700 S paint spray systems.

Paint sprayers for different large surface areas

Depending on how much surface you want to spray with paint, glaze, varnish or disinfectant, you need to choose the right device. For smaller to medium-sized areas, a paint spray system with less motor and delivery power is sufficient, such as the hand-held systems TC-SY 400 P and TC-SY 500 P.

For large and time-consuming projects, we recommend the TC-SY 600 S and TC-SY 700 S paint spray systems. With a motor power of over 500 watts and a delivery rate of more than 600 ml per minute, the semi-stationary sprayers enable fast, full-coverage paint application even with thick materials and large surfaces.

Our paint sprayers offer a number of functions that make paining and varnishing work easier for you. Find out here which advantages you can look forward to and why you don't need a brush. Einhell paint sprayer guide

What to look out for when purchasing a paint sprayer

Deciding between different paint sprayers isn't always the simplest of tasks. In the following, we explain the advantages of Einhell paint spray systems and the criteria you should consider when making a purchase.

Perfect paint application

Whether on wooden surfaces or interior walls, the paint spray guns from Einhell ensure perfect, even results – you've never painted your walls so quickly and easily! With the integrated paint volume control, you can steplessly control the air and paint volume and adjust it to the surface and your working speed. You can work flexibly and creatively with the adjustable air cap, which allows you to choose between verticalhorizontal and circular jets. Suitable nozzles for different thick or thin materials such as varnish, glaze or wall paint are also supplied.

Sufficient action radius

An important factor when purchasing a paint spray system is the action radius. To be able to spray all corners and edges evenly with paint, it is an advantage if you can move freely while working. When purchasing a sprayer, make sure the cable and hose are as long as possible. The size of the paint container also plays a decisive role in your choice, because the larger the container, the less often you need to refill it. A matching lid also prevents the paint inside from drying out.

Simple cleaning

Cleaning paint rollers and brushes after working is annoying and time-consuming. The paint spray guns from Einhell are much easier to clean. The spray head can be easily removed to clean all elements that come into contact with the paint. As well as your paint spray gun, the matching cleaning brush and cleaning needle are also included. This means you can clean varnish, wall paint or other residues from the paint spray guns so that you can achieve the best results the next time you use your spray gun.