It's that time again — spring and autumn. The annual tyre change is due. Anyone who does not take their car to a workshop for this knows that changing tyres is not only exhausting, but time-consuming. But you can make this easy with a powerful impact screwdriver as the wheel nuts loosen as if by themselves, with hardly any physical effort. Thanks to the high torque, you can also use the impact screwdriver to loosen stuck screws or screw very long screws with a large diameter into wood. With an Einhell Power X-Change cordless impact screwdriver you can move without cables flexibly and loosen the wheel nuts on your car in no time at all. If you have a power socket in your garage, of course you can also use the corded impact screwdriver. Has your tyre been damaged on a trip, or even punctured? Now's the time for your spare tyre! With a 12-volt car impact screwdriver that is easily plugged into the cigarette lighter, the nuts are loosened in no time and the tyre can be changed. This makes the car impact screwdriver the perfect tool for unfortunate punctures! 

The different impact screwdrivers from Einhell

Cordless impact screwdriver

Powerful and handy, our cordless impact screwdriver is impressive with the maximum possible flexibility. Thanks to it being lightweight and having a soft-grip, the cordless impact screwdriver fits comfortably in your hand. Thanks to the cable-free battery you can move freely around the car and loosen the wheel nuts and bolts with a high torque and without a hitch. You will enjoy our cordless impact screwdrivers with brushless motors for a long time, because unlike conventional brush motors, they are not subject to mechanical wear.

Corded impact wrench

You want to change tires in your garage and have a power socket nearby? Then take a closer look at our corded impact wrenches! The 2-metre cable gives you enough leeway to loosen or tighten the nuts on both the front and rear tires. The robust cam rotary hammer is durable and can withstand the most demanding jobs with torques of up to 450 Nm. So changing tires is finally fun!

Car impact wrench

You're on the road and halfway along it happens: Your tire is losing air, or is even punctured! If you have a jack and a spare tire in your car you can easily become a breakdown service yourself. A car impact screwdriver takes up little space in the boot and at the same time the compact tool is an indispensable help for changing tires. The 12 V device is simply connected to the cigarette lighter. With a 3.7-metre cable you can easily reach the flat tire and you've changed it in a jiffy.

Both our cordless impact screwdriver and the corded device offer many advantages as they make changing tires easy. We'll explain to you which functions are available in these handy tools! Einhell impact screwdriver guide

What to look out for when buying an impact screwdriver

Cordless impact screwdriver, corded tool or car impact wrench for on the move? As well as the price-performance ratio, values such as torque and stroke count of the pneumatic impact screwdriver also play a part in your buying decision. Find out what other functions our impact wrenches offer here!

Torque and sockets

Impact Wrenches or cordless impact screwdrivers are superior to conventional cordless screwdrivers in terms of maximum torque. With their special impact mechanism and torques of up to 450 Nm (depending on the model), they can even effortlessly tighten or loosen stuck long screws with a broad diameter. At the same time the hammer function is gentle on the wrist when working with high torques. All impact screwdrivers have an external square socket for securely fixing nuts and the simple bit holder, some models are also equipped with an internal hex socket.

Adapted to the material

Our cordless impact screwdrivers are fitted with a speed control to adjust the speed to the material when screwing. So you can not only screw in screws, but also loosen them, as all impact screwdrivers rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise. With out TE-CW 18 Li BL cordless impact screwdriver, changing tools is also easy thanks to the quick-stop function.

Helpful equipment

Our various impact screwdriver models are equipped differently. For example, you'll find our cordless and car wrenches have an integrated LED light, for optimal illumination. Our cordless models also have a belt clip for storing the driver quickly and easily between jobs. The CC-HS 12/1 car impact wrench has an integrated spirit level, which helps to hold the driver in the optimum position in relation to the wheel, to loosen the screws effortlessly.

Practical accessories

Depending on the model, our impact wrenches come with different accessories. The electric impact wrenches for example, include a set of 17, 19, 21 and 22 mm sockets for changing tires and the CC-IW 950 impact wrench comes in a practical case. The car impact screwdriver also comes with a socket set (17, 19, 21, 23 mm). A bit adapter is included with our TE-CW 18 Li BL cordless impact screwdriver. The lithium ion battery and the Power X-Change charger are available separately for this model. Both are available as a practical starter set.