Trimmers / Scythes

With an Einhell grass trimmer, you can remove excess grass, fine mowing residue and inaccessible weeds quickly, precisely and effortlessly. The rotating nylon thread in the cutting tool means you do not have to worry about curbs, corners or trees. Motor scythes use metal knives instead of a nylon thread. This makes them the ideal cutting tool to effectively cut back even strong weed stalks and stubborn roots or lignification. For maximum freedom of movement, many of our trimmers are equipped with cordless drives from the Power X-Change battery system.

Trimmers and brush cutters for your lawn

Lawn trimmers for every need

Discover our wide selection of lawn trimmers! Whether you're looking for a cordless, mains-powered or petrol version, we have just the right grass trimmer for your garden. With double nylon line technology, centrifugal force protection and efficient motors, our lawn trimmers mow quickly and cleanly. Our cordless grass trimmers offer high performance and flexibility thanks to the Power X-Change battery system. The lithium-ion batteries enable precision trimming in hard-to-reach areas and are also compatible with other Einhell cordless tools. Our impressive petrol lawn trimmers deliver maximum performance for demanding tasks in the garden. The mains-powered grass trimmers, with up to 500 watts of motor power, are ideal for longer mowing jobs and provide plenty freedom to move around the garden thanks to their tough power cables. Achieve the perfect cut with our powerful lawn trimmers!

Brushcutters for large areas

Discover the versatile range of brushcutters and power scythes from Einhell! Whether a cordless power scythe or petrol brushcutter, we have the perfect tools for "heavy-duty" use in the garden. Our powerful brushcutters stand out for their high-performance motors, ease of operation and outstanding safety features. The 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines of our petrol brushcutters cut through weeds, roots and thick growth with their sharp metal blades. You can also switch to nylon trimmer line when working near stones or delicate plants. With a cordless brushcutter and up to two Power X-Change batteries, you can combine the power of a high-performance brushcutter with cable-free convenience. So you have a flexible tool that is always ready for use anywhere in your garden. Effortlessly tackle large mowing jobs with our high-quality brushcutters and power scythes!

Cordless Lawn Edger

When it comes to cutting sharp lawn edges, a conventional trimmer is often not enough – this calls for a specialised lawn edger. These cut vertically into the lawn and "slices" a small depth into the soil. Cutting the roots in this way helps prevent the grass from growing past the cut edge. This lets you achieve a neat separation between the lawn and paths and driveways, and along the edges of features such as flowerbeds. It specialised function means the cordless lawn edger is not suited to trimming larger areas or taller grass. A double-sided metal blade delivers fast and accurate border cuts. Thanks to the 3-position depth adjustment, the desired cutting depth can be set at any time. As part of the Power X‐Change family, the 18-volt battery can be used in any garden tool from across the system.

Our lawn trimmers and brushcutters include many convenient features that make working in your garden even easier. Find out here which special features our different models have in store for you. Einhell Grass Trimmer & Scythes Guide

Advantages of Einhell Grass Trimmers & Brush cutters

At Einhell we are proud to combine state-of-the-art technology, many years of know-how and an excellent price-performance ratio in all our power tools and garden tools. This has made our cordless grass trimmers and brushcutters in particular some of the best and most popular garden tools in Germany for years. Here's what makes them so special:

Cutting technology

Our lawn trimmers and brushcutters differ not only in their field of application, but also in their cutting width. While Einhell grass trimmers have cutting widths of max. 30 cm, our brushcutters offer impressive cutting widths of up to 42 cm. Both tools can cut with either a trimmer line or a blade – some models even come in a set with both cutting attachments. The blades of the power scythes are made of robust metal, making them ideal for tall grass or removing woody growth. For more delicate and lighter trimming jobs, the lawn trimmers can be fitted with plastic blades. A spool of trimmer filament is another tried-and-tested cutting method. The length of the nylon trimmer line can be adjusted at any time, just by tapping the trimmer head on the ground, or with the fully automatic line feed mechanism included in some models.

Easy operation

Depending on the tool you choose – the handy lawn trimmer or the powerful brushcutter – you will find some important features to make your work easier. Their Softgrip surfaces and low weight make our grass trimmers easy to handle, so caring for your lawn at home is as pleasant as possible. Some models have a telescopic handle, which helps you work standing upright and avoids straining your back. While the brushcutter is heavier than the trimmer, it does come with a padded shoulder strap. So you hang the brushcutter from your shoulders and grasp it by the double handle, sometimes called a bike-handle grip. This ensures optimum weight distribution and allows you to move the power scythe with the same rhythm and work ergonomically.

Perfect cutting

When cutting or trimming grass and undergrowth, it is important that the business-end of your garden tool is sharp and ready for use. The robust metal blades used by our brushcutters are very durable, so they rarely need to be exchanged or replaced. If you prefer to use trimmer line, you should keep an eye on the automatic thread feed with tap-and-go action. This will ensure you always have enough line, and you can take advantage of the full cutting width of your tool. If, on the other hand, you are using a cordless grass trimmer with a plastic blade, you should make sure that you always have spare blades to hand. In some models, these blades can be stored in a storage compartment on the tool itself. If one of these plastic blades breaks, for example by hitting a stone, you can change in a few simple steps, with no tools required.

Clean edges

Einhell lawn trimmers include some features to help you achieve a cleanly trimmed lawn even up to the borders and edging stones. Depending on the model, the motor head can be tilted to several positions, or even rotated by up to 90° to the left or right. This allows you to trim vertically along lawn edges. Choosing a model with a guide wheel makes cutting precise edges even easier. Incidentally, if you want to protect your plants, flowerbeds and trees from an unwanted encounter with the lawn trimmer, make sure that the tool is equipped with a Flowerguard. This ensures that there is always enough distance between the blade and your plants.