Move, renovate, hang a shelf: We all know how indispensable a drill can be around the home. So, it's no wonder that the impact drill is part of the basic equipment of many enthusiastic DIYers. At Einhell you will find a wide range of handy and powerful tools. Whether with plenty of power from the socket or more flexible with the Power X-Change battery – our impact drills are available in various sizes and designs, from the light, compact drill for everyday use, to the powerful machine for heavy loads. With our impact drills, you can work with common wall-building materials, and drill into brickwork, stone or tiles thanks to the powerful impact mechanism. Easy to use, the machine achieves efficient and clean results.

The different drills from Einhell

Cordless impact drill

A conventional impact drill is fitted with a cable. But why not try something new? We offer you the choice of an impact drill with a battery to enjoy cordless freedom and maximum flexibility.

What's more, you can combine all our Power X-Change batteries with all the tools in the system family, both in the DIY sector and in the garden sector. And all PXC batteries can be used in any Power X-Change charger. Flexible and unlimited combinations!

Corded impact drill

You get full power from the socket with corded impact drills from Einhell. With this powerful tool you can drill into wood, concrete and metal without much effort.

And our rotary hammers are even more powerful than our drills, as they are also suitable for caulking and chiselling. Want a reliable drill for home use around your house, flat or workshop? Then you can safely reach for our drillers – the experts for clean drill holes!

Our impact drills offer you many functions that make drilling easier, even in harder materials. Find out here what these functions are and what else you should know about drillers! Einhell driller guide

What to look out for when purchasing a drill

With the large selection of drillers, it is not so easy to find the right model for your project. In the following, we explain what you can base your decision on and which technical details are important when buying an impact drill.

Power and speed

The choice of the right drill bit, the power of your tool, and the impact and speed play an important role in the selection of your impact drill. With corded models, the wattage number gives you information about the power, with cordless drills you can also influence the runtime and power based on the different batteries. All of our impact drills are equipped with speed electronics that allow you to drill sensitively and in accordance with the material, and to adjust the speed variably. In addition, you can use the continuous operation lock for longer tasks to make your work easier.

High drilling power

With our impact drills, you can drill into wood and metal as well as into hard materials such as concrete – however, the drilling performance differs depending on the model. So, before you choose a machine, you should pay attention to the drilling performance. This means the maximum hole diameter you can drill with the machine in wood, metal or concrete. Other values that you can use to compare impact drills are the idle speed and the impact rate. Essentially: the higher the value, the faster a hole is drilled. Incidentally, this also distinguishes impact drillers from cordless impact drivers, because the drivers have a significantly lower speed.

Helpful features

Achieve precise drill holes with a continuously adjustable depth stop that prevents drilling too deep. All Einhell impact drillers are equipped with a solid metal depth stop and an additional handle. This additional handle at the front of the tool provides a secure grip to better compensate for the vibrations caused by the drilling. You can also choose between the impact drilling and drilling function with our impact drills. A clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation provides additional support when performing screwing work. You can also mount the tools in drill stands with a 43 mm clamping neck and use them as stationary drills.

Drill bit changing and accessories

Thanks to the large drill chuck, all Einhell impact drills can also accommodate very large drill bits with a holder of up to 13 mm diameter. Changing the drill bit is quick and easy with the help of a quick-action drill chuck. The exact way in which the drill bits are accommodated differs from model to model. You can decide for yourself whether you prefer a gear ring drill chuck or a drill chuck with a simple locking function. To ensure that the tool and accessories can be safely and cleanly stowed away again after work, and easily transported, many of our impact drills are supplied in a practical storage case.