Einhell and Fcb

Einhell is Official Home & Garden Expert

of FC Bayern München

Einhell's Partnership with FC Bayern

As of August 2021, Einhell has been appointed as the Home and Garden Expert Gold Partner of FC Bayern. FC Bayern is the perfect fit for Einhell because they value power and flexibility and tirelessly pursue their goals of performance excellence. Witness how Einhell implement exciting new projects with the Power X-Change battery system enabling players to make the impossible possible on the pitch.

Equal partners in performance excellence

By giving their all every day, Einhell seeks to inspire.

Inspire people by giving your all every day. Working as a team with performance and perseverance to meet every challenge. And thereby convince with their own technology and competence. Einhell and FC Bayern not only share a love of their home in the heart of Bavaria, but especially also common values and the same mindset. As the team behind the FC Bayern team, we are now the club's Official Home and Garden Expert, the experts and enablers for smooth match and training operations.

Powerful enabler meets German record champion. The mission? Enabling the Next Level!

Achieved test victories
German soccer championships won
Common Mission

Home & Garden Expert of FC Bayern.