Leaf Blowers

With a leaf blower from Einhell you can thoroughly clear paths and land of autumn leaves and other dirt. You can work in a particularly agile and quiet way with a handy cordless leaf blower from our Power X-Change family. It is perfectly suited for all work at home and in the garden and reliably blows leaves out of corners and cracks. Our cordless leaf blowers are real powerhouses: With the help of the speed regulation, you can control the power of your tool and even clear damp leaves away with ease. This saves you the trouble of dragging out the rake.

Practical functions from Einhell cordless leaf blowers

Flexibility with Power X-Change

Whether you have a large or small garden, with our cordless leaf blowers you can conveniently remove unwanted leaves from your garden with little effort. The Power X-Change batteries impress with long running time and easily help to remove even large amounts of leaves.

You can also flexibly use the lithium-ion batteries in any other Power X-Change cordless device from Einhell. The batteries and corresponding charger are available separately with an affordable price-performance ratio from your local specialist dealer online or on site.

Easy to use

Instead of spending hours raking large garden areas by hand, it pays to reach for the Einhell leaf blower. Our tools are equipped with softgrip, which makes them comfortable to hold, even over longer periods of time.

But most importantly, our cordless leaf blowers all have one thing in common – they are light. Their low weight takes the strain off your arms, allowing you to remove leaves comfortably and effortlessly in no time at all. This means that even objects higher up such as gutters can be freed of leaves effortlessly.

Practical speed regulation

All of our cordless leaf blowers have individual speed regulation, which offers you a number of advantages. If you want to gather dry leaves into a pile, you need less blowing power. But you need extra power for wet and sticky leaves. You can easily adjust the speed regulation for this purpose. Depending on how high you set the blowing power, you control the battery consumption and regulate the volume at the same time.

To protect the environment, at Einhell we have decided not to use petrol models at all.

Space-saving storage

The leaves have been blown away, the lawn can breathe again, and the slip hazard of wet leaves on paths has been eliminated. But what do you do with the cordless leaf blower now? A space-saving option for storing your cordless blowing device is provided by the wall mounting bracket integrated in the housing.

So you will be able find a spot in any cellar or garden shed, no matter how small, to keep the cordless leaf blower clean and protected until the next use. Because next autumn will come around sooner than you think!

Our cordless leaf blowers from the Power X-Change family make light work of removing both dry and wet leaves. Find out what functions our devices have in store for you. Einhell leaf blower guide

Buying a leaf blower: Tips for finding the best cordless leaf blower for you

Garden size

The bigger your garden, the more power and longer running time your cordless leaf blower will need to have. Einhell offers you a number of different models with corresponding batteries from the Power X-Change family.

If you want to remove leaves from particularly large areas, it is also worth having an adjustable carrying strap on the device so that you can work with the leaf blower as comfortably as possible without putting strain on your back.


If you want to remove debris from hard-to-reach corners or narrow niches, why not take a look at our leaf blowers with separable or adjustable length blowing pipes. This allows you to use your leaf blower to remove leaves and dirt, even from the higher gutter. With the separable blowing pipe, you can clean narrow niches as well as wide pathways, allowing you to work as flexibly as possible. The separable pipe is also perfect for cleaning your workshop and garage.

Area of application

If your garden borders directly on your neighbour's, of course you won't want to disturb them with unnecessary noise. That's why it's a great idea to use our quiet leaf blowers, because at Einhell we have specifically focused on low noise levels when developing our devices. Speed regulation also helps you to control the power and therefore the volume of your cordless leaf blower.