A big story told briefly

This is Einhell France SAS

Since the Einhell Group was founded in Germany in 1964, we have grown to become a world-renowned specialist in gardening and DIY equipment. With 49 subsidiaries in various countries around the world and a turnover of more than €1 billion, the Einhell family now employs approximately 2070 people.

Distributed in France since 2008, our mission is to offer everyone a feeling of freedom and autonomy in carrying out all types of DIY and gardening projects, thanks to accessible and high-performance tools. This vision is reflected in our Power-X-Change line of tools, which now includes nearly 300 products and is a complete battery-powered tool solution that is simple, economical and more environmentally friendly.

Einhell France Timeline :

From 2008 to today ...

  • 2008 : Creation of the subsidiary EINHELL France
  • 2018 : Relocation of the EINHELL France headquarters to the current offices at Roissy-CDG
  • 2019 : Logistic move, more spacious warehouses and integration of our own After Sales Service
  • 2022 : Turnover of 55 Millions of € reached
  • Today : + 300 tools in the Power X-Change range
Our philosophy: High-quality products with unbeatable value for money and first class customer service. That is what Einhell France stands for.

The success story from Germany

How Einhell became Einhell

When Josef Thannhuber in the beginning of the 1960s took over his uncle Hans Einhell's Installation business, he had no idea of the sort of success story he would one day write. Today more than 50 years later, Einhell AG is one of the global leaders in the Do-it-Yourself segment. Decades of hard work, untiring commitment and business foresight have paid off. A real Enabler!

Further information can be found on the website of Einhell Germany AG.