You jump into your car and you're in a hurry – that's when it happens: The engine doesn't start; the battery is empty. Now you have to move fast, because you don't have time to charge the battery. With the jump lead to hand, you need another helpful driver to jump-start your vehicle – and you're ready to go. But you don't have to be reliant on the help of others if you have a jump starter! The power banks from Einhell give your car battery enough power to start again. At the same time, you can also use the energy station to charge various electrical devices such as laptops or tablets. The practical 2-in-1 jump start power banks are suitable for different vehicles, depending on the model. Whether you have a car, motorcycle or small boat – the impressive power reserves breathe new life into every battery.

The range of different jump starter and jump leads from Einhell

Handy power pack: Jump starter

Jump starter power banks from Einhell are small, handy devices with maximum power. Thanks to innovative Smart Cell Control technology, the high-quality lithium-polymer batteries always deliver the optimum power to achieve maximum battery life. The powerful power banks have a very low self-discharge thanks to this technology. However, if the battery is slowly running out, the integrated LED display provides information about the charge status at any time so that the power pack can be recharged in good time if necessary. The jump starter power bank is the perfect device for quick and mobile jump starting that is simply indispensable.

2-in-1 function: Jump starter and charger

The Einhell jump start power banks CE-JS 12/1 and CE-JS 18/1 are equipped with both a 12-volt and a 19-volt connection and two USB connections. With the help of the adapter cables supplied, not only can empty car batteries be started, but various end devices such as notebooks, tablets or smartphones and cameras can also be charged. The integrated LED light provides additional light and can be used as a strobe flash or SOS signal in an emergency. With the power banks from Einhell, you are not only perfectly equipped for an emergency with a flat battery, but also for leisure time.

Which jump starter for which engine?

Depending on the car's engine, you can choose the jump start power bank that suits you best. For petrol-powered vehicles with a maximum engine capacity of 3,000 cc, for example, the CE-JS 8/1 power bank is suitable. The jump starter CE-JS 12/1 has a little more power and is suitable as a jump starter for petrol engines up to 4,000 cc and diesel vehicles up to a maximum of 2,000 cc. The powerhouse among the jump start power banks is the CE-JS 18/1. It is suitable for petrol engines up to 8,000 cc and diesel vehicles up to a maximum of 5,000 cc engine capacity.

Jump leads are a must-have

It's a useful piece of equipment and you should always have a jump lead in your car. It doesn't matter if you need help getting started or if you're helping others out: With a jump lead from Einhell, you are prepared for any situation and can bridge two batteries at any time. The BT-BO 16/1 A jump leads are suitable for petrol engines up to 2,500 cc and the BT-BO 25/1 A leads for petrol engines up to 5,500 cc and diesel engines up to 3,000 cc. Jump leads are an inexpensive accessory that you can store in the boot to save space. This way, the cables don't take up any space – but are always to hand when you need them.

Jump starters and jump leads from Einhell offer additional functions that will prove useful to you in many situations. Find out here what these functions are and what equipment you can also look forward to. Einhell jump starter guide

Advantages of Einhell power banks and jump leads

If your car won't start, you need fast and efficient help. But Einhell jump starters offer you much more than just a quick fix. You can find out about the advantages of the jump start power banks and jump leads here.

Power bank boost function

Has your car been stopped for a long time and you've forgotten to turn off the headlights? The upshot: Your vehicle's battery is completely empty. A conventional jump start is often not enough to revive a discharged battery. In these situations, the jump start power banks from Einhell are equipped with the boost function, which can be used to bring even deeply discharged batteries back to life in individual cases. The boost function is activated using a button on the relay of the jump lead.

Important protective functions

You should always be careful when working with electricity, no matter what kind. To ensure that you can use Einhell jump starters as safely as possible, they are equipped with important protective functions. The reverse polarity protection prevents you from connecting the positive and negative poles incorrectly. The overload and overvoltage protection and the insulated pole clamps also ensure optimum protection for you, the jump starter and your battery.

Practical accessories

So that you can use the jump start power banks and all their functions, a lot of accessories are already included in delivery. Along with the 2-in-1 power bank you get an adapter with jumper leads, a USB adapter cable (mini, micro, type C USB), an adapter cable with 9 different notebook adapters and a 230 V charging power supply. To safely and practically store the power bank, including accessories and cables, it is supplied in a practical protective and storage bag, just like the jump leads from Einhell. The jump leads are also available with or without integrated LED lamps on the pole clamps.