With very tall grass and undergrowth, a lawn trimmer can sometimes reach its limits. If you are faced with such tough jobs, the best option is to go for a powerful brushcutter. Depending on the model, a robust metal blade or a sturdy trimmer line can stand up to even the densest and tallest grass in any garden. With our petrol and cordless versions, you can also work over large areas without cables. A two-handed grip and a carrying harness, allowing you to support the tool across your shoulders, helps distribute the weight better and improve control. No challenge is too big and no undergrown too dense for our powerful brushcutters.

The Einhell scythes range

Freedom from cables with the cordless scythe

The versatility of cordless power scythes makes gardening a simple and efficient task. All our cordless brushcutters are part of the extensive Power X-Change family. This allows all batteries and tools across the system to be interchanged easily. One of our power scythe models is equipped with Twin-Pack technology. This allows you to have double battery power while working in your garden. Einhell cordless brushcutters are designed for comfortable handling: the motor at the front for optimal weight distribution, universally adjustable bike-handle grip and a high-quality comfort carrying harness are among the power scythe's ergonomic features. Equipped with two cutting attachments, consisting of a rugged trimmer line spool with a 30 cm cutting width and a 3-tooth metal blade with a cutting width of up to 255 mm, you can easily slice through dense grass or undergrowth. The spindle-lock system means the cutting tools can be easily exchanged.

Endurance with the petrol brushcutter

Are you still a fan of the old school? Then these workhorses with fuel tanks are just what you need! Einhell petrol scythes feature high-quality, low-vibration 2- or 4-stroke engines, delivering up to 1,500 watts of power to drive the robust double-thread spool or sharp 3-tooth metal blade through all kinds of grasses or undergrowth in the garden. The blades have cutting widths of 255 mm or 230 mm, while the double-line spools of all our petrol brushcutter have a cutting width of 42 cm. The lightweight aluminium guide pole, together with the double-handle grip and comfort carrying harness, ensures comfortable operation for all gardening tasks. For your safety, the centrifugal clutch disengages the cutting tool when idling. For easy transport and space-saving storage, the lightweight guide pole can be taken apart thanks to its split shaft.

Our brushcutters include many useful features to facilitate your landscape maintenance. You can easily cut or mow wild growth and other undergrowth. Take a look at the different specifications of our brushcutters and see how they can benefit you. Einhell scythes guide

Advantages of Einhell scythes

Brushcutters, also known as power scythes, are indispensable garden tools for heavy mowing jobs. These powerful cordless and petrol brushcutters include many useful features to actively support you as you care for your landscaping. Find out more about them here:

Cutting attachments

Wondering why all Einhell brushcutters come with two cutting attachments? Quite simply, we want you to be well-equipped for all terrain. With the spindle-lock system, the two attachments can be easily interchange, so that you can cut back any stubborn, woody undergrowth. The sharp, 3-tooth blade is made of high-quality metal and is best suited for tough grass or rampant weeds. With a large cutting width of up to 255 mm, the blade slices its way through the undergrowth. For mowing tall, thick blades of grass at edges or in open areas, the double-line spool works best. The flexible trimmer line can be adjusted at any time by an automatic feed mechanism. The reel has a cutting width of up to 255 mm and is suitable for trimming less stubborn grasses. To protect you while mowing, our brushcutters are feature with centrifugal clutches.


Perfect handling is everything when it comes to catching every stubborn blade of grass. So it's a good thing that we at Einhell have included a double-handed grip – also called a "bike" handle – on your new brushcutter. You can adjust the handle as required along the lightweight aluminium guide pole. To make mowing and scything as easy as possible, all controls have also been integrated into the bike handle. Along with the comfort carrying strap, this ensures operation is gentle on your joints and fatigue free. The anti-vibration function ensures the tool can be handled smoothly. The split-shaft feature means the guide pole can be taken apart, reducing the space needed for storage and making it easier to transport. 

Powerful motor

As part of the Power X-Change family, our cordless brushcutters also benefit from the powerful motors used in this range. On certain versions, the PurePOWER brushless motor ensures even longer runtimes than conventional carbon brush motors. It requires little maintenance and, if you register online, we will give you a 10-year warranty on the motor. Every now and then, however, there are those gardening jobs where you need the extra power of a 1,500-watt motor. And we have just the thing for you. The 2 or 4-stroke engines of our petrol scythes have an idling speed of between 6,500 and 9,600 revolutions per minute, and can be operated with an oil/petrol mixture or with conventional petrol from the fuel station. The carburetor engines are started via digital ignition, quick start and an auto choke. This ensures smooth cold starts.