Drywall Polisher

TC-DWS 225

Item no.: 4259945 EAN: 4006825668834
  • Powerful 1220-watt motor
  • Speed control to adapt to different surfaces
  • Large griding plate with convenient hook-and-loop fastener
  • Brush ring with removable rim facilitates working close to edges
  • Spring-mounted grinding plate
  • Comfortable operation with ergonomic design
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle for optimal control
  • Switch with lock-on function for longer jobs
  • Softgrip for comfortable handling
  • Incl. dust extractor adapter (Ø 36 mm) for external suction
  • Incl. 6x Ø 225 mm abrasive discs (2 x P60, 2 x P80, 2 x P120)
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Article description

The Einhell drywall sander TC-DWS 225 is the perfect partner for renovation work with an output of 1220 watts. The 4 m long power cable helps to sand drywall walls, filler or wallpaper remnants throughout the room. Depending on the area of application or material, the rotation of the sanding wheel can be adjusted between 1500 and 2300 rpm with the help of speed electronics with soft-start function and the switch with lock button ensures the continuous operation of the device. Thanks to the two softgrip handles – the main handle and the additional handle – the Einhell drywall sander fits well in the hand and enables safe and comfortable work. The integrated dust extraction ensures a clean working area and is attached to the supplied dust collection sack with carrying strap with the help of the Ø 35 mm suction adapter and a 2 m long suction hose. The brush ring edge can be removed from the spring-loaded sanding plate, ensuring optimum contact with the wall or ceiling. The 6 pieces of sandpaper with different grits (2x P60, P80, P120) can be easily and quickly attached to the sanding disc using the hook and loop fastening.

Technical details

Amount of 120 grain sandpaper (round)2 pcs
Amount of 60 grain sandpaper (round)2 pcs
Amount of 80 grain sandpaper (round)2 pcs
Extension hose length2 m
Idle speed max.2300 min^-1
Idle speed min.1500 min^-1
Number of grid lines0 pcs
Power1220 W
Power cable length4 m
Product weight0 Kg
Sanding pad diameter215 mm
Sandpaper diameter225 mm
Suction adapter diameter35 mm

Suitable for any wall

Hook and loop fastening for quick attachment of sandpaper

The Einhell drywall sander TC-DWS 225 is supplied with 3 different sandpapers (2 x P60, P80 and P120). This means that you have the perfect equipment for any project. Whether rough prep work for dirt and filler removal or fine reworking for subsequent painting, tiling or wallpapering – thanks to the hook and loop fastening, the sandpaper can be quickly and easily adapted to the work.


Brush ring

The spring-loaded sanding disc has a removable brush rim edge and oscillates at a maximum of 2300 rpm.


Speed electronics

With the continuously variable speed electronics, the sanding process can be optimally adapted to any material and the area of application.


Additional handle

The handle and adjustable additional handle with softgrip sit comfortably and securely in the hand – even during longer work.


Dust extraction

Thanks to the integrated suction function, dust collection sack and 2 m long hose, sanding becomes much neater.

Power for interiors workHandy helper with great performance

The Einhell drywall sander TC-DWS 225 is a practical helper in interior construction. With 1220W of power and idle speeds of up to 2300 rpm, it provides the necessary power for time-consuming work in drywall construction.


Locking function

The integrated switch with lock button facilitates sanding and ensures low-fatigue work.



The two softgrip handles allow safe and comfortable handling throughout the work.



The device comes with 6 sandpapers (2x P60, P80, P120 each) and mesh lines. This allows for a smooth start.


Hook and loop fastening

The sanding pad is equipped with hook and loop fastener that allows easy changing of the sandpaper.

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