Deep Well Pump

GE-DW 1155 N-A

Item no.:4170937EAN: 4006825660876
  • Automatic function
  • Integrated dry-run protection
  • Robust pressure connection with stainless steel insert
  • Stainless steel pump housing
  • 8-stage impeller system for extra-high delivery pressure
  • With integrated non-return valve
  • High-quality mechanical seal for long service life
  • Stainless steel strainer
  • Easily accessible hose connection on the top of the pump
  • 2 hanging loops
  • 22 m drain cable
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Article description

The Einhell deep well pump GE-DW 1155 N-A with automatic function automatically switches the device on when water is required and automatically switches it off again when the water extraction is interrupted. With the 8-stage impeller system, the pump generates the necessary pressure to pump clear water even from shallower water reservoirs and wells up to a height of max. 55 m. Due to the automatic function and the high delivery pressure, this pump is excellently suited for garden watering systems as well as for domestic water supply, in particular for toilet flushes, washing machines or for car washing. A compact and slim design also facilitates use in tight pipes. The maximum immersion depth is 19 metres and the pump can be used flexibly thanks to the 22-metre-long mains cable and the retaining rope supplied. With the powerful 1100 W motor, the pump achieves a maximum flow rate of up to 6000 litres per hour. The submersible pressure pump not only makes a solid impression on the outside, it has also been designed to be particularly robust and equipped with important safety features. The stainless steel housing and dirt screen, the pressure connection with stainless steel insert and the high-quality mechanical seal are the basis for a long service life. The integrated dry-run protection protects the pump from damage if the water supply is interrupted. The 33.3 mm (1" female thread) hose connection on the upper side of the pump is easily accessible. The integrated non-return valve prevents water from flowing back.

Technical details

Max. delivery height55 m
Max. delivery pressure5.5 bar
Max. delivery rate6000 l/h
Max. immersion depth19 m
Max. water temperature35 °C
Power1100 W
Power cable length22 m
Product weight10.15 Kg

Robust stainless steel pump

Slim, powerful deep well pump for clear water supply

The Einhell deep well pump GE-DW 1155 N-A is a 1,100 W clear water pump with stainless steel housing and, with a max. delivery height of 55 m, it is suitable for use in lower and narrow water reservoirs and wells. The powerful pump delivers up to 6000 litres of water per hour at 5.5 bar and is therefore also ideally suited for supplying water sprinklers.


8-speed pump drive

With 8 impellers, the multi-stage pump drive pumps up to 6000 litres per hour with up to 5.5 bar maximum pressure.


Robust stainless steel

Both the housing of the pump and the threaded connections are made of robust stainless steel.


Accessible connection

The hose connection is easily accessible on the top of the pump's stainless steel housing.


Dry-run protection

The pump switches on and off automatically, and is also protected by dry-run protection.

What type of pump is it?

The deep well pump GE-DW 1155 N-A is a submersible motor pump that is either completely or partially in the water.

What is the deep well pump suitable for?

For watering from deep water reservoirs.

Can a deep well pump also convey waste water?

No – it is only suitable for conveying water with very small dirt particles.

Can the pump be used for garden watering?

Yes – due to the high delivery pressure, it is also suitable for supplying (lawn) sprinklers with water.

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