Power X Change : 170 tools for 1 battery !


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Having the right DIY and gardening tools at hand

So, I’ve been tinkering in my garage for more than 8 years.

It’s a more or less well‐organized mess – it all depends on your point of view. But the tools multiply, the creations gain ground and the materials accumulate. So overall, the situation is not improving.

What’s it like at home? I’m a power strip subscriber, and when I’m preparing a DIY, I have to get organized beforehand to recharge each battery‐operated DIY tool. It’s not the most efficient, especially when motivation and creativity are there, it’s a shame to pass up such an opportunity for a story about electricity!

But what if Einhell made my life easier? The proposal is simple and yet it changes everything! With Power X Change, there is a single battery model for a multitude of electric hand tools for DIY and gardening.

That’s why I’m particularly enthusiastic about the offer from the German manufacturer of battery‐powered power tools.

Power X Change: one battery, tools

Indeed, to cope with the lack of organization, many do‐it‐yourselfers have opted for wired tools. It’s efficient, plug in and go. But is it really simple? Not really! Because you have to have a socket nearby, do DIY or renovation work always in the same place… That’s why many DIY aficionados have ended up opting for cordless tools. The counterpart is a clear increase in the number of charges and it becomes essential to check before each DIY session that you have recharged batteries for each tool.

Unless you opt for the Power X Change range from Einhell. Indeed, the German manufacturer offers a single charger, compatible with more than 170 DIY and gardening tools. So it’s easy to always have a battery charged and suitable for the saw, the multi‐function tool, the chainsaw and even the speaker you need at any given time.

Because yes, the extent of compatibility is impressive.

From DIY to the garden, all Einhell Power X Change power tools run on the same battery

It all starts with the Power X Change starter kit: a charger and a battery, compatible with a multitude of Einhell tools. Once the battery is charged, you can operate all your battery‐powered tools in the PowerXChange range. For example, when cutting wood, you can switch from cordless jigsaw to cordless circular saw and finish your cut with a rotary sander – all with the same magical and versatile battery! Thus, if you equip your workshop with two batteries you will never run out of energy while inevitably benefiting from the simplicity and efficiency of Einhell power tools. And it’s life‐changing, believe me!

You should also know that it is possible to combine up to 4 batteries on one machine to reach 72 V. Also the amperage varies from 1.5 to 6 amps to adapt to machines with even better performance in terms of duration.

of use and power. Typically your cordless DIY tools will require you to combine two batteries. But for a lawnmower, for example, the combination can be up to 4 batteries.

The same goes for the maintenance of your lawn and hedges. You can in fact take care of all your plantings with the most adapted and efficient cordless garden tools using one and only one Power X Change battery. Electrically powered hedge trimmers, cordless trimmers and battery‐powered lawn shears all work together. 

Einhell’s innovation with its smart and versatile batteries is absolutely unique. A design whose simplicity and functionality make it a real asset. That’s why Power X Change is truly the best ally for creative do‐it‐yourselfers.

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