E-Cases – The perfect solution for storage and transport

Tidiness is half the battle, as the saying goes. Clean up, tiddy, sort and store in an orderly manner: For this purpose, suitable storage space is required. Over the years, all kinds of tools and accessories have been collected in the local workshop. Instead of just storing it on the shelf, you can also use the Einhell E-Case system. In the practical cases, machines, tools and accessories are not only stored protected from dust and splashing water, but can also be conveniently transported in them – a must-have for all DIY enthusiasts! In this article you find out which E-Case models you can currently find in our range, what makes the tool case special and what advantages the case system offers you.


The Einhell E-Case system is a practical case system for storing and transporting tools and accessories.

What is the E-Case System?

The E-Cases are the new case system from Einhell. This means that all cases in this system series can be combined, stacked and linked together. In addition, the interior of the E-Case, for example the E-Case S, can be equipped with various accessories such as foam or separators. Whether cordless screwdriver with accessories such as bits, drills, battery and charger or camera, lens and flash – each E-Case can be individually designed so that everything remains organized and safely stored. The Einhell E-Cases are available in different sizes and combinations, which means that you will find the optimal solution for the transport of both smaller tools and larger machines for all requirements.

This is what distinguishes the E-Cases

Simply stack and link

Thanks to the standardized length (44 cm) and width (33 cm) of the E-Cases, they can be stacked optimally on top of each other. For a secure hold, they are equipped with special notches in the case lid and on the case bottom. Thus, the E-Cases differ ultimately only in height and on the basis of the internal dimensions.

For the safe transport of several suitcases, they are simply linked with the help of the special connect system. Incidentally, the stackable tool cases can even be opened in the linked state without having to be separated from one another beforehand.

The width and length of the standardised E-Cases are securely connected to each other via the Connect system.

Maximum stability for high loads

Robust and resilient – these are the E-Cases thanks to their sturdy construction. Depending on how you carry or load the suitcases, the maximum possible total load differs, i.e. the indication of how heavy suitcases and contents can be together. Here is an overview:

  • 25 kg load: When carrying the E-Case on the smaller, lateral handle
  • 90 kg load: When transporting the suitcase on the large, upper handle
  • 120 kg total load: During trolley transport of the E-Case L and other suitcases
  • 300 kg load: From the top of the lid, e.g. if a person is standing on the suitcase
  • 1.000 kg load: On the lowest case when stacking several cases
If the connected cases are carried on the upper handle, they can be loaded with up to 90 kg.

Protected, safe transport

The high-quality polypropylene – a particularly robust plastic – has several advantages. On the one hand, the material is heat-resistant, stiff and particularly impact-resistant, which minimises damage to the suitcase, for example in the event of collisions or falls. In addition, the interior of the E-Case is splash-proof, so that machines and tools remain dry inside the case even during transport through rain.

Integrated in the cover and housing of the tool case is a device for mounting a commercially available padlock.

Made of high-quality polypropylene, the E-Cases are heat-resistant, impact-resistant and splash-proof.

Overview of the various E-Cases

  • E-Case S: The most compact case in the E-Case system. It is suitable for storing tools and accessories as well as in combination with the grid foam for sensitive devices such as photographic equipment. With the plastic compartments as separators, even small parts such as screws, dowels and nails can be easily sorted.
  • E-Case M: The golden mean in the E-Case system. It is just as wide and long as the E-Case S, but with an internal height of 25 cm it offers more space for larger tools and machines, such as hand-held circular saws.
  • E-Case L: The optimal basis for the E-Case system thanks to integrated wheels and a large, extendable handle. The size is similar to the E-Case M and with an internal height of 32 cm it even offers a little more storage space for hammer drills, circular saws, etc.
The different E-Case models are of different heights and can be optimally combined with each other.

E-Case Tower: The suitcase combination for plenty of storage space and easy transport

The E-Case L as a basis

The E-Case L is currently the largest machine case in the E-Case system and, thanks to the integrated wheels, the perfect basis for stacking more cases. If you link several E-Cases together and use the E-Case L as a basis, the individual suitcases become a rolling workshop. The large wheels, combined with the telescopic handle, make it easier for you to transport the stacked boxes by pulling them as a whole like a trolley. In addition, the wheels are rubberised so that you can easily roll the case over uneven ground, but also quietly over paved or asphalted ground.

The supplied spacers are small and inconspicuous, and their meaning quickly becomes clear as soon as the luggage tower is stacked higher. This is because there is a risk that you will pinch your fingers between the case housing and the trolley handle when pulling. Not so if you mount the spacers with only two handles, because these secure the distance between handle and case.

Also inconspicuous is the footboard located directly on the housing between the two wheels. This allows the luggage tower to be easily tilted into the trolley transport position, which can be very helpful, especially with high loads. Stairs are also not a big challenge for the E-Case L: Bumpers directly on the housing help to pull and push the tool case over stair edges by preventing damage to the housing.

Combination of three suitcases and accessories

The E-Case Tower is a practical set of several suitcases and various accessories. The basis is an E-case L, which is equipped with a removable hand tool tray. Small tools such as, for example, screwdrivers, hammers or various pliers can be stored neatly in this tray without flying around in the tool case. Two smaller E-Case S are stacked on the large case, which can be equipped with a foam insert and partition walls. Spacer clips and labelling stickers complete the high-quality case set.

Safe and sorted: The different ordering systems

  • Raster foam: The grid foam set suitable for the E-Case S is available separately. Included therein is an adaptable foam insert. Individual parts of the foam surface can be removed from this for adaptation to the respective device. This is especially practical for transporting sensitive devices, such as photographic equipment with lenses of different sizes.
  • Plastic compartments: Batteries, charger, screws, nails and drill bits – all in one case? Thanks to the practical plastic compartments, the individual contents are not only protected, but also stay in place. The set includes two long, three medium and four short partitions, which can be stuck in the case with just a few simple steps.
Sensitive devices are safely stored with the grid foam.
The plastic compartments are suitable for storing small accessories.
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Written by Marina Liefke
Published on 11.01.2024

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