Cordless lawn trimmer: What to use

Nylon trimmer line or metal blades? Cordless lawn trimmers, motor scythes or brush cutters are essential for perfect garden care. They can help you not only remove overgrown grass, narrow brushwood and inaccessible weeds, but also small bushes, stubborn roots and tough undergrowth. 

But which tool is best for each mowing task? What are the differences between lawn trimmers with trimmer lines and blades? And which models are best for you and your garden requirements? 

In this blog, we will explain all about the safety, different uses and the handling of the cutters. We'll also take a look at the wear and costs of the two different mowing devices.

Full battery power for more freedom of movement

But before we take a look at the differences between trimmer lines and blades in lawn trimmers, let’s take a quick look at what is quite probably the most ingenious feature of the Einhell models: the battery! With the battery from our Power X‐Change system, you have complete freedom of movement in your garden. Your cordless lawn trimmer is totally flexible and reaches even the most inaccessible parts of your garden. And despite the cordless freedom, you can still enjoy full power and top mowing performance thanks to the powerful lithium‐ion battery. 

Whether a cordless lawn trimmer with trimmer line or a cordless motor scythe with knife are the right tools for you: with the flexible Power X‐Change battery system, you always quickly have the best garden tools and models from Einhell to hand, without a mess of tangled cables!

Lawn trimmer with blades or trimmer line: The differences

Mowing with blades or trimmer line: Looking for the perfect tool to reach the long grass in every corner of your garden? Looking for a mower that thoroughly and precisely removes roots, small bushes and weeds? Then the lawn trimmers, cordless lawn trimmers and motor scythes from Einhell are just what you need! Depending on the machine, a rotating nylon trimmer line or a rotating metal or plastic blade ensures perfect mowing results – right into the tightest corner. 

But what are the differences between trimmers with trimmer lines and with a blade? We'll take a closer look at the details and differences of the different lawn trimmers and brush cutters and tell you which cutting tool has which advantages.


The first difference is in the name of the tool itself. Lawn trimmers and cordless lawn trimmers from Einhell always use a nylon trimmer line or a plastic blade, which they use to easily, quickly and safely cut short and long grass.

However, motor scythes or cordless motor scythes use a metal blade, which as well as grass can cut weeds, roots and small bushes.

It's quite simple: if you want to buy a trimmer with a nylon trimmer line or a plastic blade, you will find what you are looking for with a lawn trimmer. A tool with a metal blade is a motor scythe or a brush cutter.


A significant difference between trimmers with trimmer lines and with a blade is safety. As you can imagine, the risk of injury from incorrect operation is lower with a nylon trimmer line than with a metal blade. While the line rotates very quickly and mows grass efficiently, it cannot cause you any serious harm.

But the metal blade in a scythe can be much more dangerous. It had been developed for tougher mowing work and can lead to serious injury if not used properly. This is why you should therefore always wear protective clothing when working with a motor scythe and use it in accordance with the instructions. You can find more safety information in the operating instructions for your Einhell product.

Basically, whether you decide on a lawn trimmer or a scythe, all our devices have been developed and tested by us for maximum safety. Our lawn trimmers, cordless lawn trimmers and motor scythes are fitted with a robust protective cage around the cutting tool.

Areas of application

Although they look very similar at first glance, the areas of application of lawn trimmers with trimmer lines or plastic blades and motor scythes with metal blades differ significantly. Lawn trimmers and cordless lawn trimmers are, as their names suggest, specially designed for lawn care. These trimmer cut grass easily and with precision, and can be used cordlessly throughout the garden thanks to its battery. Lawn trimmers with nylon trimmer lines can also be used in stony garden sections or close to walls, as the line is not immediately damaged by contact with hard objects, unlike a plastic blade would be.

A motorised scythe with a metal blade, on the other hand, is intended for much heavier mowing work. Although you can also cut grass easily with these tools, the weight and high performance of the scythe also allows it to handle small bushes, undergrowth or thin roots. However, care should be taken if the mowing part is too hard or near stones and walls, as the metal blade could quickly be damaged here and then need to be replaced.


Whether you opt for a cordless lawn trimmer with nylon trimmer line, a lawn trimmer with a plastic blade or a motor scythe with a metal blade, all cutting tools from Einhell are extremely easy to operate. 

The ergonomic devices are easy to hold and are ready to go immediately. With a cutter with a nylon trimmer line, the line gradually wears out when mowing. You can restore the correct thread length easily and at the touch of a button using the automatic function. 

If using a cutter with a blade, always check the blade before you start. If it is damaged or blunt, you can quite quickly replace it.

With cordless lawn trimmers and cordless scythes, make sure you remember to recharge the battery in good time. The smart quick charger from the Power X-Change system charges the batteries quickly and gently, so you can work consistently and quickly even over larger mowing areas.

This blog post will give you more tips on the proper operation of the trimmers, why you should always mow your lawn with a lawn mower first, and what everything you absolutely need to pay attention to when working with cordless lawn trimmers.


In addition to the different areas of application, cordless lawn trimmers with nylon trimmer line or with plastic blades and cordless motor scythes with metal blades also differ in cost. Here, we need to consider the purchase costs and the running costs separately.

Purchase costs:

Cordless lawn trimmers with nylon trimmer line are only suitable for trimming grass and lawns. This allows them to have a comparatively simple and light construction, which is ultimately also reflected in a more favourable purchase price. The same applies for lawn trimmers with a plastic blade. Here too, the area of application is limited to light mowing work. Advantages: Due to the blade drive, many trimmers manage with less power than cutters using trimmer line. The prices for good‐quality devices are correspondingly low here too.

However, cordless scythes with metal blades must be more robust and powerful to be able to cut weeds and smaller roots. More powerful motors and heavier constructions provide the necessary cutting performance. This means that cordless scythes usually cost a little more than comparable cordless lawn trimmers.

Running costs:

The nylon trimmer line in cordless lawn trimmers is a typical wearing part, which is gradually worn out when mowing. If the trimmer line supply in the spool is slowly running out, you should get a replacement as soon as possible. The price for new spools varies depending on the length and thickness of the line. 

The plastic blades in lawn trimmers also lose cutting performance over time or can be damaged on contact with hard objects. The cost of replacement blades is generally less than nylon trimmer lines.

In contrast, the metal blades in motor scythes are particularly economical. They retain their cutting performance and sharpness for a very long time and are much more robust than their plastic counterparts.

Cordless lawn trimmer with blades or trimmer line: The right model for you

Lawn trimmers and cordless lawn trimmer with trimmer line or blades are available for different areas of application and offer various different advantages. If you want to mow your lawn efficiently, even close to walls or in stony areas, the lawn trimmer with nylon trimmer line is the right choice for you. The trimmer line cleanly mows the grass and can be easily adjusted in case of wear or contact with objects. On the other hand, lawn trimmers with plastic blades are more suitable for larger lawns, as they show less material wear. However, caution is advised close to walls and stony areas.

Weeds, undergrowth and small roots can be removed by a robust motor scythe or cordless scythe with a metal blade. These tools provide more power than lawn trimmers and the blade cuts even more efficiently. For simple lawn mowing, though, motor scythes are usually too big.

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