Tips and tricks for properly cleaning the Einhell cordless push sweeper

Are you a proud owner of the cordless push sweeper TE‐SW 18/610 Li‐Solo or considering getting one? With the push sweeper, you can clean even large areas quickly and conveniently with high performance. So that you can enjoy your cordless push sweeper for a long time, you should clean it regularly and store it cleanly and safely. In this article, you will find out what exactly needs to be considered when it comes to maintenance and cleaning of push sweepers.

The push sweeper from the Power X‐Change family is a powerful variation on the conventional broom and the manual, hand‐operated push sweeper. With the sweeping brushes driven by a powerful lithium‐ion battery, the machine achieves a surface performance of 1,800 m² per hour. Thanks to large wheels and steerable castors, the machine is very easy to manoeuvre and its ergonomic shape makes cleaning walkways and areas around the house, yard and garden a real breeze. The machine also shows its great advantage over manual sweepers in corners and on edges because it does not push the dirt to the edges, rather the brushes, which rotate even when stationary, sweep the dirt cleanly into the collection container! We have summarised the tips and tricks that will help you keep your push sweeper looking like new, as well as what you should avoid at all costs!

Because the brushes also rotate when the device is stationary, the cordless push sweeper effortlessly sweeps up leaves and dirt, even in corners and edges.

How to use the push sweeper

As we have also shown in the practical test, the cordless push sweeper from Einhell is extremely easy to use. However, you should still take into account a few basic points!

Only use on dry ground

The push sweeper should only be used on hard, dry ground. So that no damp dirt or wet leaves get trapped in the brushes and get them stuck, you should only use the push sweeper on dry days.

The cordless push sweeper should only be used on dry surfaces.

Sweeping on uneven ground

To properly sweep up all dirt, even in uneven areas, you can remove the sweeping lip on the underside of the device. You can read exactly how this works in the operating instructions. It also explains how easy it is to assemble and which screws you need to turn for space‐saving storage.

For better sweeping performance on uneven surfaces, the sweeping lip (between the two brushes) can be removed.

Cleaning tips for the push sweeper

To ensure that you always achieve the maximum sweeping performance and that your sweeper looks like new again, you should clean it after every use. But this regular cleaning is not witchcraft and only takes a few minutes of your time.

  1. Remove the battery: No matter which device you want to clean, you should always disconnect it from the power source first. For electrical devices, make sure the cable is unplugged. For battery models, such as the cordless push sweeper, simply remove the Power X‐Change battery from the device.
  2. Empty the collection container: Next, you should remove the dirt collection container and empty it over a dustbin. If any dirt remains behind in the container, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth as required. However, before you re‐attach the collection container and put the push sweeper to use again, make sure that the container is completely dry!
  3. Clean the sweeping brushes: In the third step, you will clean both of the sweeping machine’s brushes. For example, if you have cleaned a large area where there were many flowers and leaves, they may have become caught in the two brushes. You can either remove the brushes with a screwdriver or fold in the push bars and place the push sweeper on the integrated stand in the park position to have better access to the brushes. Then you can carefully remove dirt and leaves by hand. To get rid of dust as well, you can carefully tap out the dismantled brushes – but be careful not to bend the bristles! But don’t worry: If a sweeping brush is accidentally broken, you can easily order a replacement brush from the Einhell Service Shop.
  4. Clean the casing: In general, you should keep guards, air vents and the motor casing as dust‐free as possible and, at best, clean them after each use of the push sweeper. All you need is a damp cloth to do this. For stubborn dirt you can also use a little gentle soap. However, make sure that no water gets into the inside of the device and always wring out your cloth well before cleaning the casing with it.
Caution: Do not use any cleaning agents or solvents to clean your cordless push sweeper! These could attack plastic parts of the device or the bristles of the sweeping brushes! Water and a little gentle soap are sufficient for cleaning.
The collection container can be easily removed from the device for thorough cleaning.

How to store the cordless push sweeper

Always store the battery separately

But where to put the Einhell cordless push sweeper when it is not in use? Before you store the push sweeper, you should always remove the battery and you can charge it immediately in any charging station from the Power X‐Change family.

The battery should always be removed and stored separately when the cordless push sweeper is not in use.

Push sweeper in a space-saving parking position

If you are only putting the push sweeper away for a few days or weeks, it is best to find a place protected from the wind and rain, such as a garage, cellar or garden shed. The large push sweeper can be stored in a space‐saving way thanks to the foldable push bar. All you have to do is loosen the lower nuts using the quick‐release function until the pins pop out of the fixing. Then you can open the push bar and place the unit upright on the integrated stand.

When folded up and placed in the parking position, the battery sweeper takes up very little space.

Properly storing your push sweeper over winter

Want to send your cordless push sweeper into well‐deserved hibernation after it has diligently spared you from the task of sweeping with a broom and quickly and reliably cleaned all the pavements and large areas around the house and garden? Then make sure you store the push sweeper in a dark, dry and frost‐free place at temperatures that do not drop below 5°C – and do not rise above 30°C in summer.