Window Cleaner Accessory

Teleskopstangenset BRILLIANTO

Item no.: 3437101 EAN: 4006825670905
  • Original Einhell window vacuum accessories
  • Suitable for Einhell cordless window cleaner BRILLIANTO
  • For easy cleaning of high, hard-to-reach windows
  • Optimal cleaning of shop windows, conservatories, etc.
  • 2-piece telescopic rod set
  • 1x telescopic rod for cordless window cleaner
  • 1x telescopic rod with attachment for microfibre pad
  • Telescopic rods each infinitely adjustable up to approx. 120 cm
  • Adjustable angle of inclination thanks to integrated joint
  • Battery slot at the end of the rod for good weight distribution
  • Integrated on/off switch at the end of the rod
  • Softgrip for optimum grip during use
  • Delivery incl. microfibre cloth
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The Original Einhell telescopic rod set is an extension for the Einhell cordless window cleaner BRILLIANTO. With the help of the telescopic rods, the window vacuum can be used even more flexibly to clean high windows, shop windows, glass canopies, conservatories or hard-to-reach, high windows in stairwells. The set consists of a microfibre cloth and two telescopic rods – one as an extension for the battery window cleaner and one rod with attachment for the wiper pad. Both telescopic rods can be adjusted steplessly up to approx. 120 cm. The extension for the window cleaner can be easily attached to the device by pushing it directly into its battery holder. The required Power X-Change battery is then inserted at the lower end of the telescopic rod, optimising the weight distribution. There is also an on/off switch to operate the cordless window vacuum on the ground from the lower end of the rod. Together with the softgrip, you retain maximum control over the device during work. Thanks to the joint on the telescopic rod, the angle of inclination of the window cleaner can be optimally adapted to the respective circumstances. Thus, the pull-off lip of the window cleaner always rests against the window at the best angle and ensures maximum suction power and streak-free results.


Good weight distribution

The Power X-Change battery is inserted at the end of the telescopic rod for better weight distribution.


Adjustable length

Both telescopic rods can be infinitely adjusted up to a length of approx. 120 cm and adapted to any application.


Adjustable angle of inclination

With the 5-stage adjustable joint, the angle of inclination between the pull-off lip and the window is adjusted for streak-free results.


Central on/off switch

The on/off switch is attached to the end of the telescopic rod for easy operation.

3-piece accessories set

Well-equipped to work with the telescopic bar set

The BRILLIANTO telescopic rod set consists of two telescopic rods and a microfibre cloth. A telescopic rod is intended for wiping the windows – the microfibre cloth is attached to it. The BRILLIANTO window cleaner is attached to the other telescopic rod. Thus, both with the wiping pad and with the vacuum cleaner, high windows such as shop windows or conservatories can be optimally cleaned.


Adjustable joint

With the help of the adjustable joint on the telescopic rod, the angle of inclination of the window cleaner can be adjusted individually. The pull-off lip of the window cleaner always fits perfectly against the glass, ensuring maximum suction power and streak-free results.


Central power button

At the end of the telescopic rod there is a practical softgrip surface and a central switch-on button. Thus, the BRILLIANTO window cleaner can be controlled from the ground and switched on and off at any time without disconnecting it from the telescopic rod.

Window cleaner extension

Clean high windows from the ground

Cleaning windows and balancing on a ladder at the same time? With the telescopic wiper rod, even high windows, glass facades or balconies can be easily reached from the ground. For clean cleaning, a high-quality microfibre cloth is already included. Afterwards, the wiping water is extracted with the help of the BRILLIANTO window cleaner, which is attached to the second telescopic rod.

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