Scythe Accessory

Thicket Blade 255

Item number 3405082


Facts, figures and information for Scythe Accessory Thicket Blade 255: here you will find detailed technical data, as well as specific information on dimensions, weight and packaging of this Einhell product.

Technical data
Logistical data
Length260 mm
Width280 mm
Height4 mm
Gross weight single packaging0.4
Product weight0.3
Product description
The Einhell undergrowth blade scythe accessory is compatible with all Einhell scythes. The undergrowth blade is specially designed for wild growth and scrubby undergrowth. The blades in the Einhell range of scythe accessories are sharpened to a fine edge for quickly tidying up wild growth and undergrowth. The undergrowth blade has a 255 millimeter diameter and a 25.4 millimeter hole.

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Thicket Blade 255